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Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy uses corrective postures, strengthening and opening exercises, self-massage and breathing techniques to improve and restore health and function to your body. The exercises are designed to help you retrain and realign movement and postural patterns that are often the source of injury and chronic pain in the body.
All of the exercises support the work that you do with ElleWell’s practitioners, and will keep you on the path to healing and enhanced movement. A home practice plan is available if desired.
Movement Menu
30 minute Movement Therapy – $60.00
30 minute Thai Floor Massage-$60.00

*Pricing does not include NM gross receipt tax.

Cynthia Machado ~ Movement Therapist

As a functional trainer, Cynthia believes movement starts with the body and finishes with precision and realignment, allowing the body to function properly physically and biochemically. The movements your body performs will create organ health, hormone balance and an optimum environment for healing.

Cynthia has been a certified personal trainer since 2005 and a certified yoga instructor since 2007. She specializes in functional training and has extensive experience working privately with individuals on correcting their posture and alignment. Her sessions are focused in alignment and precision, helping the body break free from pattern and releasing blocked energy.



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