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Amazing results. Great Staff. Clean. Affordable. Thank you!


Sandy Morello


My husband and we first went to ElleWell by referral from an acquaintance and as a natural solution to back problems. We have always been fortunate to have good health with the exception of his sporadic back pains and my recent development of sciatica that had become fairly severe. During our first appointment with Dr. Elle, she diagnosed our conditions and determined steps forward. Dr. Elle and her team of massage therapists work together to focus on troublesome areas. They are all well-trained and use synergistic techniques that contribute positively to overall health. Dr. Elle is not only a  chiropractor but a holistic physician and very qualified and knowledgeable We have been patients for the past 6 months. My husband and  I still work in very demanding positions and were determined to get better without medication. The time has been well-spent.   Our regiment has included chiropractic adjustments, massages, stretching, diet, and exercise. Our original aches and pains have nearly disappeared and Dr. Elle and her team have educated us on methods to maintain our current levels of health. They have taught us how to take an active role in the whole process to maintain our health.

We are grateful to Dr. Elle and her team and are convinced they have contributed significantly to our quality of life for years to come. We will continue to patronize them and work with them to contribute to our long-term health benefits.



Rita Fuller



What an amazing experience. The staff is friendly and Dr. Elle is gentle and amazing. Helped my son get back on the field. Thank you!


Monica Montano-Brito


I've had two acupuncture appointments at ElleWell with Dr. Nancy Crowell and my husband has seen Elle for chiropractic care - we love the supported approach to integrative health that is provided by everyone here! We've been in Santa Fe for 6 years and have been trying to find a wellness center just like this. Thrilled to have found ElleWell and just so thankful for all the practitioners and the different therapies that are provided.


Andie Fuller


Elle is amazing! She took the time to read my body, helped me address my carpal tunnel issues and came up with suggestions to help better my work movements. I came in with a pinched nerve and my right hand that would almost instantly start tingling if I didn't hold it in a certain feels so much better after my readjustment. Thank you to the whole staff and especially to Elle for a wonderful experience! See you soon!

Leahi Mayfield


ElleWell is easily the best health and wellness practice in Santa Fe. I started going for musculo-skeletal-related migraines eight months ago and haven't felt this good in years. I was also in a car accident in early summer, and Dr. Elle organized my recovery like it was D-Day, giving me an at-home care routine and utilizing chiro adjustments, stem and heat, deep-tissue massage, acupuncture, and yoga therapy to make sure my pain was managed and my body healed correctly. In the past, I've found physical therapy to be a huge time and energy drain, but at ElleWell it's always clear that the game plan is to get me healed as effectively and efficiently as possible. Most important, every single person who works there is lovely and sincere about taking care of me and making me feel better. And really, that's how health care is supposed to be.


Aleta Ward


I was 8 months pregnant visiting family in Santa Fe and was experiencing terrible pinched nerves, back pain and migraines due to the pregnancy. Friends I was visiting recommended ElleWell.  She adjusted me and gave helpful tips. I felt amazing for the rest of the trip and pregnancy. My only Wish is that I had ElleWell in my hometown!

Danielle Magno



LOVE ELLE AND ALL OF HER STAFF!! I work in healthcare and can honestly say I trust Elle with my well-being. It’s nice to find a local, independent provider who is truly invested in the work she does.

JaNae Lewis

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