July at ElleWell!

Happy Summer!
We are excited to announce that we will now be offering
Thai massage at ElleWell.

    Our new therapist, Jaye Marolla, studied Thai massage in northern Thailand where she spent three years apprenticing with Pichest Boonthume, a master instructor of Thai bodywork.
Thai Bodywork is a deeply therapeutic form of massage performed on the floor with the client fully clothed.
    Techniques such as compression, elongating stretches, structural integration, myofascial release and acupressure are utilized as necessary to serve the needs of each patient. Passive stretching supports greater joint mobilization and frees up unknown muscular tension patterns often connected to chronic pain.

July Closures

We will be closed on July 4th for Independence Day. Enjoy the holiday- be safe and have fun! We’ll also be closed on July 22nd for the Baca Street Bash. Just a  reminder: we are now closed on Mondays.

Referral Drawing

Win a back to school laptop! Enter to win by showing up for an appointment, referring a friend to ElleWell, checking in on social media, or writing a testimonial. The winner will be chosen August 31st.

Baca Street Bash!

Who doesn’t love a block party in the summer? Join us and the other merchants and artists in the Baca Street neighborhood for the Third Annual Baca Street Bash on Saturday, July 22nd from 4-8pm!

We will have an open house, DJ, games, and art at ElleWell. The bash will also include music, demonstrations, art exhibitions, special sales, and ice cream.

Be well, and see you soon! Dr. Elle

January at ElleWell

The new year is upon us, and already we are two weeks in! Things have been busy for us at ElleWell, with many new and exciting changes as we continue to grow. We hope you had restful and recharging holidays and are feeling ready for the new year. We have some exciting promotions and announcements to kick of 2017 right!

  • January promotional giveaway – This month we are giving away a free Usana Smart Start Kit! USANA MySmart™ Start is a seven-day program designed to help you break your old unhealthy lifestyle habits and begin a new fitness regimen. Enter to win by just showing up for an appointment, referring clients, giving testimonials or checking in on social media. Book your appointment today at www.ellewell.com.
  • Aprés Ski Special – Bring in your ski ticket and get 15% off any treatment at ElleWell and/or a FREE 30 minute Postural Realignment Session with Cynthia, one of our Functional Yoga Therapists. Book here– spaces will be sure to fill up quickly!
  • New Staff Announcements  – Please welcome Nancy, our new acupuncturist. Dr. Nancy Crowell, DOM, YTT, is a trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College  in Santa Fe, NM. Her mission is to educate and empower others to take control over th
    eir health and pain to live more open, authentic, and healthy lives. Book an
    appointment with Nancy here. Also, welcome Pam Greaves, our new yoga teacher. Her classes are alignment based with precise, detailed instruction, providing a caring and supportive space for students to explore their strength, courage and ability. Check out Pam’s schedule and sign up for a class here.

Dr.Nancy Crowell

Pam Greaves

We wish you health, happiness, and vitality in 2017!

One Year Anniversary Celebration at ElleWell

It is amazing to think how much expansion can happen in one year.  ElleWell has seen some major shifts and growth this past year and we are getting ready to celebrate a full year in our amazing Baca Street space.  If you haven’t seen it yet, now is your chance to take advantage of some upcoming FREE services and celebrate with us.  All the staff at ElleWell wish to express our deepest gratitude for helping us make it through another year.  We truly care about each and every client and for your individual support in helping us make this a successful first year.
OPEN HOUSE – September 23-24
Take advantage of Free Services all day Friday September 23rd.
FREE 30 min Massage Sessions
FREE Chiropractic Evaluation of New Patients and Adjustments for Existing Patients
FREE 30 minute Acupuncture Sessions
FREE 30 minute Yoga Therapy Sessions
Book Online to reserve a spot.  In fact you can only take advantage of these services if you reserve your spot online.
On Saturday September 24th we will be hosting an open house from 11am – 1pm with refreshments and offering a FREE Yoga & Mimosa class with Dr. Elle 11:30am – 12:30pm.  Again reserve your spot by booking online.
Dr. Elle is happy to announce that she will now be offering office hours on Saturdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm and Thursdays from 10:30am to 2pm.   Now there is more time to get great services at your convenience.
For the rest of September come and join us at Cynthia’s Mid-day Flow Class for just $5.
Thursdays 12noon – 12:45pm.
This month we are giving away a free tablet!  Enter to win by just showing up for an appointment, referring clients, giving testimonials or checking in on social media.

Happy Summer!

Now that we are in the full swing of the summer I wanted to share with you some new offerings, flash sales, and fun events that we are having.


We want to welcome four new yoga instructors to ElleWell, Bea Doyle, Cynthia Manchado, Michou Landon and Kelsey Currier. Check out their yoga class offerings and bios online at www.ellewell.com/yoga

Our yoga studio is now offering one-on-one FUNCTION YOGA THERAPY sessions. Let our skilled teachers guide you through a personalized session that focuses on all your trouble spots, leaving you feeling renewed and empowered. You will receive a personalized yoga program to continue at home allowing you to take a proactive approach to your health.


We also would like to welcome Kristin Brinkmann and Greg Weiss to ElleWell as therapeutic massage therapists. Let Kristin and Greg use their intuition and knowledge of the body and therapeutics to heal your nagging complaints.

To celebrate summer we are offering $15 OFF ALL MASSAGES booked between August 1st and 12th. You can book online. Spots will fill up quickly so take advantage and treat your sore summer bodies to some healing hands.

Finally I want to invite you all to the BACA STREET BASH Saturday July 23rd from 5 to 9pm. We are offering a free hot stone massage raffle, a flash yoga sale and open house with wine and cheese. DJ Obi Zen will be jamming the after party and bonfire out front. Come by and celebrate summer with us!

Stress and Pressure creates Diamonds

 First let me start out by saying stress is not a bad thing.  In fact, stress is a necessary and inevitable part of our evolution.  Stress on our bones creates healthier bones.  Stress on our heart creates a more efficient heart.  Stress on our muscles creates leaner, stronger muscles. Accumulated stresses in our environment created changes over time that evolved us into the species we are today.  However, it is how we choose to respond to the stresses in our life that can determine how we feel.  And yes, our response to stress is a choice, albeit usually a reflexive choice, but it is a learned habit that we develop over our lifetime.  If we learn to respond to stress with acceptance and motivation, our life is full of joy.  However if we respond to stress with a negative emotion, this can lead to a life of hardship.
 I have a friend whose response to devastating stress is to laugh.  She sees this as inappropriate because it seems disrespectful to laugh at a funeral and finds herself often trying to explain her actions.  However, I know that her life is full of many challenges and if she just bottled them all up and chose to feel sorry for herself then she would not be the bubbly, cheerful, and inspiring person I know.  It takes a lot of effort to train yourself to handle stress in a positive way, especially if we have had many difficult, sad and unfortunate experiences.  Many of us are people who have lived through tough economic depressions, terrible losses and devastation, even abuse.  But we all have those inspiring people in our life that choose to let their stress turn them into diamonds.  Everyone has the power to choose to view stress as a positive force and make a decision to be happy, but subtle chronic low doses of stress are overlooked and over time can create ugly broken beings.  Snapping at your coworker, yelling at the dog, even mumbling obscenities to yourself over time create neural pathways in the brain that can convert stress to disease in your body.  We know that chronic unhealthy stress on the body is the number one killer in the country, but it is also 100% preventable.  Take the time every day to recognize your response to stress.  It is your choice, even in the worst of situations, to notice how you respond to your environment.  The world is a beautiful place! Find some inspiration to guide your choices to lead a healthier, more abundant life.
*Please check out our newly updated yoga schedule for March!

Balancing an Abundance

An El Niño year promises abundance and adventure, especially for those of us who live in this desert climate. Today is going to be a particularly spectacular powder day on the mountain. But that abundance can easily tip to overwhelm quickly. Deep powder can be life threatening if it accumulates unmanaged. As ElleWell grows I am constantly walking this fine line every day. So today I’m going to offer three tips to maintaining balance with abundance.


Tip 1

Stay Focused. In this age of technology and multimedia it is so easy to get distracted. If you need to use social media keep your goal in mind and manage your time make a task list of the things that need to happen, prioritize it and revisit it, and then stick to that list until it is finished.

Tip 2
Be aware of the Upper Limit Problem. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks explains how our personas have a natural limit on how much happiness we allow ourselves to feel based on what we think is possible. So when abundance hits, in love, business or other aspects of our life we subconsciously but intentionally find ways to blow it. Even physical illness or injuries can be a reflection of Upper-Limiting. When you sense this you need to ask yourself how you are limiting yourself to being truly happy and accepting the successes you have worked so hard towards in your life. Always remember that you have an infinite capacity to receive love and success.

Tip 3
Remember how far you have come. Even though you may feel like you are in the thick of it now, remember how far you have come to get there. Appreciate all the victories that you have achieved prior to this moment and all the failures. Because it is through those successes and failures that we achieve our character that is instrumental in us moving forward.

Enjoy the New Year and the abundance that will follow!

ElleWell Housekeeping

With all the changes happening at ElleWell we want to keep you up to date on our events and policies.

1- Stress Proof your New Year! Our current promotion offer is 20% off the first two months of an ElleWell Plus Memberships. Click HERE to see the details and sign up, or come in and sign up at the office.

2- Check the Web! Our website is constantly updated for schedule changes and closings. Go now to see our updated yoga schedule. We are offering more therapeutic classes and we are now offering Open Studio time for $6. Drop in so you can come and practice on your own time in our sacred space – Lotus Bloom (the name of our yoga studio)

3- Get the App! ElleWell is on MindBody. You can check HERE to book new appointments, check or change existing appointments and check in to yoga classes. If you have any problem working with the app please call the office and we can walk you through. Just go to the website to download the app.

4- LIKE US on Facebook. Get the latest info and inspirations from the ElleWell Facebook page. We are hoping to get 1,000 likes by this spring. Like us and share with your friends!

-5 Please be aware of our No Show policy. Insurances do not cover missed appointments. You are responsible for your appointments. As ElleWell grows we need to be more consistent with these policies. Beginning February 1st we will be keeping cards on file for missed appointments. Appointments rescheduled or canceled 3 hours before the appointment time will not be charged. So please be courteous and let us know when you can’t make an appointment.

ElleWell – Yoga & More!

 elle yoga


ElleWell on Baca Street is off to a great start. Our grand opening was a wonderful success. It was such a blessing to be surrounded with the love and encouragement of friends and family. It’s been an honor to see this dream come through and to have the support of such a wonderful group. But opening is just one stage of this journey and I’m happy to continue to see our center grow over the years.

The yoga room has been up and running as of October and we are running an amazing special right now – Ten yoga classes for $10! Come to the warm and inviting studio space to experience our amazing yoga instructors. I also need your help to spread the word! Please like our page on Facebook, like, share and post your experiences with ElleWell to share with our vibrant community. You can check out our yoga schedule online!

Coming up in December we plan to host a Holiday Open House on the 5th and 6th to coincide with the Baca Street Arts Tour. We will be having amazing discounts on gift certificates for our services and products. We will also have local artisans presenting their crafts for your holiday shopping. All of this with a free yoga class on Saturday the 6th at 11:30am, free chair massage Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm and wine and cheese. You will not want to miss this weekend!

It has been exciting!

ElleWell Grand Opening

ElleWell Grand Opening

It’s finally here!

ElleWell has built a gorgeous new home at 933 Baca Street Suite C in Santa Fe NM. It is a beautiful facility with a welcoming and tranquil waiting room, 6 treatment rooms, and an expansive yoga studio. We are having a grand opening celebration with the fall equinox starting on September 23rd and carrying on throughout the weekend to September 26th. This will be a celebration of success, friendship, health and expansion. Come and see the beautiful new home and meet the growing community of ElleWell – Baca Street in Santa Fe!

We have many events planned and lots of free services, they are booking up fast so go online to www.ElleWell.com and book a free appointment or get a spot for the Free Yoga classes offered throughout the month. Highlights of the grand opening include:

Wednesday – Wine and Cheese – Grand Opening – 5:30pm
Thursday – Free Massage and Chair Massage – 10am to 3pm
Friday – Free Chiropractic and Free Acupuncture (book at www.ElleWell.com)
Friday – Pavepara Trunk Show – www.pavepara.com – 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Saturday – Free Yoga Class with Dr. Elle – 11am followed by an Open House at 1pm

With the grand opening events we will be rolling out our new membership programs. If you sign up before the end of October we will be offering a 20% discount for the lifetime of the membership. Please come by and get some information. If you have any questions call the office 505-629-3116.

This adventure has been a long time coming and an exciting step for everyone involved. Thanks so much for all your love and support.


Dr. Elle

ElleWell 2.0 – Expansion! (Edited)

Well it has been too long since I’ve shared with you the goings-on of ElleWell. As some of you may already know there has been many exciting changes happening here at ElleWell. Check the Facebook site if you haven’t yet seen pics and updates.

First off I was able to get funding!! As of late last December the good people at State Employee Credit Union (mainly Harold Dixon) and Joe from The Loan Fund were able to provide me with enough start up capital to get me started at looking seriously for expansion space.

At first, I had some difficulty finding the right space, going back and forth with landlords and realtors, but through the help of my realtor Ben Moore, my lawyer Gabby Stewart and David Berardinelli, I felt great about getting into the new home of ElleWell.

I rented a space on Baca Street.  A great location in a hip and urban setting where the end of the Railyard meets the Baca Street community.  It is a beautiful modern space with high ceilings and clean finishings.  We currently have three treatment rooms a rehab area and a beautiful and professional looking entryway and waiting オンライン カジノ room.  When the buildout is complete we will have 6 treatment rooms a new yoga studio and a great retail area as well.

As for the name, Purple Lotus Bloom, which I initially intended to use for this expansion, we decided to let it go and just stay with ElleWell, which everyone already knows.

Go ahead and enjoy the new website design and the Facebook page to see all that has been happening!

Don’t forget to call for an appointment today! I”m still actively growning and working while this transition is happening. I’m currently booking up for chiropractic and massage visits at my current rates (which are going to go up after the grand opening):
$75 initial chiro
$45 follow-up chiro
$80 60 min medical massage
$120 90 min medical massage
**I also accept BCBS insurance and private insurance from car or other accidents.

This weekend we will be having a sale on massage treatment from Thursday April 30th to Tuesday May 5th. $10 off a 60 min massage and $20 off a 90 min massage.

I will also be rolling out a Founder’s Memberships soon which will offer monthly memberships on services and yoga classes at a discounted rate. So keep an eye out for upcoming details.

We are expecting to have a grand opening in early Fall of 2015. RSVP now to this e-mail if you want to come and we will get you on the list.




I”m so excited to share this great news with you and so grateful to have you all join me in this expansion.



A Present for you!

I have always been a fan of children’s cartoons, even as an adult. And now watching my daughter understand for the first time who Rudolf is was a precious gift I will cherish forever. So even during the most rushed and seemingly superficial times of year don’t forget to slowdown and appreciate the little moments that bless our lives.

This quote says it all…

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, and that is why it’s called the present” – Master Oogway











Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed, abundant, new year!