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Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

You move slowly, following precise patterns that teach balance and body awareness. Over time these patterns will result in improved coordination, relaxation and peace of mind. The patterns are training for fighting, but it turns out they are very good for health. Tai Chi is often described as a moving meditation.

Tai Chi Chuan is the classic martial art of China. Improve your circulation. Improve your strength. Sharpen your focus and learn how to RELAX. One can practice for the health benefits alone, pursue the martial art, or both. Tai Chi practice enhances your flow. That flow will carry over to other activities and also affects your way of being in the world.

Rick Von Kaenel ~ Tai Chi Instructor

Rick has been practicing Tai Chi for 17 years, which works out to somewhere around 7500 hours.

The first class is always free.


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