Thai Massage at ElleWell

Thai Massage

Thai Bodywork is a deeply therapeutic form of massage performed on a soft mat on the floor with the client clothed. Techniques such as compression, elongating stretches, structural integration, myofascial release and acupressure point work are utilized as necessary to serve the needs of each patient.

Passive stretching supports greater joint mobilization and frees up unknown muscular tension patterns often connected to chronic pain. Clients may be positioned lying on their back, stomach, side or in a seated position throughout the treatment. The dynamic flow of Thai Bodywork offers tremendous restorative health benefits and cultivates a great level of awareness in the body.


60 minute Thai Massage – $90

90 minute Thai Massage – $135

Meet Our Thai Massage Therapist

Jaye Marolla offers holistically minded bodywork sessions and treatment specific work. Her deep sensitivity towards healthy alignment and vitality allows clients to reconnect to a greater sense of ease, postural balance and the release of chronic tension patterns.

With roots in the study of Eastern bodywork and complementary medicine, Jaye bridges the gap of ancient traditions and Western therapeutic foundations. Her work is informed by years of high level athletic training, martial arts and dance study and long-haul cycling journeys. Jaye’s bodywork study began in northern Thailand in 2009 where she spent 3 years apprenticing with Pichest Boonthume, a master instructor of Thai bodywork. Learning an Eastern modality while immersed in the culture from which it originated allowed her to travel deeply into the cultural, medicinal, and historical roots of the practice. In 2012 she returned to Oregon to complete her certification in massage and then went on to study in London with a master’s degree in Complementary Medicine.

Jaye’s love of bodywork is defined by the moment to moment changes in the human body and our ability to rise, recover and explore the vastness of our human potential through encouraged awareness and day to day lifestyle choices.

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