Chronic tightness in your neck? Headaches? Lower back killing you? Let ElleWell’s skilled massage therapists work out all the kinks. Our primary goal of manual therapeutic techniques is not just for relaxation but also for restoration of normal muscle and ligamentous alignment and function. We offer a broad range of medical techniques stemming from focused myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular reeducation, and deep tissue. As well as more specialized holistic techniques including hot stone massage, Myan abdominal massage and Tuina. Our therapists are gifted at helping people recover from soft-tissue damages that occur after car accidents, slips and falls, sports injuries, or other traumatic causes. At ElleWell we all work in an integrative environment and the massage therapies you receive will blend smoothly with the other services and yoga classes you attend.

Massage Menu

60 minute Therapeutic Massage – $80

90 minute Therapeutic Massage – $120

90 minute Hot Stone Massage – $150

120 minute Therapeutic Massage – $160

*Pricing does not include NM gross receipt tax.


Monica’s focus and interest is in providing the best care for each client through individualizing each treatment to meet their needs. Her specialty is in the relationship between soft tissue and structural patterns and using massage to help change the underlying problem that is creating pain or restriction in the client. She uses stretching, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, swedish massage, or energy work to help the client get relief.

Monica graduated from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in 2006 from their dual program of Polarity & Massage. Her specialties are Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Medical Massage.

Monica approaches each person with care, curiosity, and integrity in the hopes that each person will leave her table feeling better and having increased function throughout their body. When not working, you can find Monica enjoying the outdoors with her dog Sadie, swimming,  writing, cooking, or traveling. Currently Monica is working on completing a BS in Psychology.

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Ginny has been doing massage for 10 years and specializes in Tui Na, a specialized type of massage in lineage with Chinese Medicine and often taught at acupuncture colleges.

She has also practiced Tai Chi for 10 years, and it was through this that she started to learn Tui Na from her Tai Chi instructors. Ginny has been performing Tui Na on clients for the last 2 years. This lineage of Tui Na includes strains of Russian sports massage, osteopathy, deep tissue and myofascial work. There is a strong emphasis on working different layers of tissue in the body in addition to working the meridians.

Client descriptions of the work include “vigorous” and “being very thorough in getting to various layers of tissue in the body.” At ElleWell Ginny offers Tui Na in addition to therapeutic massage.

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By listening to her client’s unique body and current needs, Kristin provides personalized therapeutic bodywork. She has a centered and intuitive style that allows her to navigate smoothly between deep specific work and more gentle healing techniques. Kristin has a true desire and interest to help the people she works with find relief and wellness.

With a solid base in musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology and specialized knowledge in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and injury management, Kristin is passionate about seeking out the root cause of her client’s specific issues and applying the most effective treatment.

Kristin graduated from the Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy School in Tucson, Arizona in 2012. She established a thriving practice in California, and recently moved to New Mexico to continue her path as a massage therapist. Outside of work, Kristin enjoys hiking, making art, cooking, and playing in the dirt with her husband and 2 year old daughter.

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Jaye offers holistically minded bodywork sessions and treatment specific work. Her deep sensitivity towards healthy alignment and vitality allows clients to reconnect to a greater sense of ease, postural balance and the release of chronic tension patterns.

With roots in the study of Eastern bodywork and complementary medicine, Jaye bridges the gap of ancient traditions and Western therapeutic foundations. Her work is informed by years of high level athletic training, martial arts and dance study and long-haul cycling journeys. Jaye’s bodywork study began in northern Thailand in 2009 where she spent 3 years apprenticing with Pichest Boonthume, a master instructor of Thai bodywork. Learning an Eastern modality while immersed in the culture from which it originated allowed her to travel deeply into the cultural, medicinal, and historical roots of the practice. In 2012 she returned to Oregon to complete her certification in massage and then went on to study in London with a master’s degree in Complementary Medicine.

Jaye’s love of bodywork is defined by the moment to moment changes in the human body and our ability to rise, recover and explore the vastness of our human potential through encouraged awareness and day to day lifestyle choices.

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